Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sparkles and the sky

The sky it does glow.
A fiery shade of red
Under the November sky.

A crown adorns it
The sparkling of the stars
A glow it did radiate.
As my heart tore apart.

Unknown to such plight
The sky shines on.
I add a few drops to its might.

A tear sparkles along.
It was the shiniest of them all.


Saturday, 23 November 2013

The reasons

I write, to bring you closer.

It's when I write that I feel that you're in my presence.

In writing can I express freely, that what I've been afraid to tell.

In writing could I show you the extent.

In writing could I dream, of what may be.

Why is it that you disagree? Will I ever know what goes on in your heart? Would I ever hear you say that what I've been parched for?

You return my gaze after much hesitation.. Your eyes hold mine, as if they wanted to tell all.. I look away, too shy to hold contact.

Reality sets in all too soon..

I write to imagine all that may not happen between us, and the pain that follows thence in knowing reality, once again.

Of what couldn't be.

Of the turmoil my heart faces each day in not knowing what you feel.

I write to be free.

Friday, 15 November 2013

You become death.

You're travelling very far,
When shall I meet you again.

A chance for goodbye,
You didn't give.

You'd wave back in warmth,
Every time you left.

What happened then?
What happened now?

So sudden your departure,
So hasty your leave.

Did you not think of me.
When last did you breathe.

As I shall remember you,
The kindest man I've met.

Death becomes you.
You become death.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

After you're gone..

Guilty of being there
Do you feel it too? 
The thought runs in my veins
Do you seek it too? 

Does the guilt affect you
Like it does to me
Does it make you any sorry
Like it seems for me?

Unanswered questions
You've left behind
Unresolved differences
You've let loose

Silent your footsteps,
I heard them go.
Goodbye, you'd said
I heard no more.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Somewhere, Someplace.

Let's get lost somewhere,
In between the pages.
Of love, fantasy and hope.
A distant dream someplace.

Lets cuddle up somewhere,
In the embers of the sky.
Of stars, clouds and the moon.
A bubbling warmth someplace.

Lets fulfill those dreams somewhere,
In the shadows of the night.
Of You and me.
A wandering reality someplace.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

On that summer day

What Comes back to me,
You might not want to know.
Your memory so faint remains
Nostalgia takes over so.

Its when the whisper of the wind
Catches me in a daze.
The air a reminder,
Of all things you.

The sweet scent of the lily,
Kisses my breath.
The one you wore that day
Under the sunkissed roof.

The flowers in your hair,
The string across your back.
A dainty picture it paints.
In the canvas of my mind.

Your touch that of satin
The sheer skin aglow
Your thoughts captivating
My fingers remember you so.

A shadow of thought surrounds
The storm in my mind ,
Your thought,your scent somewhere.
A feeling so divine.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Balloon strings

The balloon strings drift apart,lifting up the one holding on,and transporting each piece of their brokenness in different directions.
To tell the truth, the image of the man holding on to the balloons, caught my attention. The way he seems to be drifting out of nowhere. Thus the inspiration for this little bit of writing.

You pull together the strings of my heart.
Don't let them go sweet one.
For it may break into many pieces
Like a cluster of balloons
Released in the air all at once
And they drift apart.
Each piece in a different direction.
Impossible to mend once it bursts.

You've let my heart go,
Up away some where high,
It shall float in the air,
With the clouds shall it fly.
For it's dispersed all over now
Every little bit wandering afar

Image courtesy Google

Monday, 14 October 2013


A lot of times, you may feel that you have changed,for the better or at times for someone else. You may not even recognize yourself anymore. Who you were before and what you have become.

I stare in the mirror,
To look at me.
The person I was,
The person I would be..

This image of mine,
Reflecting  back.
The one I barely know,
The one I thought was me.

She scowls back,
Her features lost of innocence.
Lines that run along,
Defining each expression.

Her eyes lost that shine
Lips without lustre
And endless pale skin
Who is it?

It isn't mine,
Not any more..
The person in the mirror
Is mocking me

Image courtesy Google

We won't last that long

Like another time,
Do you seek me.
As I hide from you,
Yet again..

What changed this time?
I wouldn't know.
The time for games gone.
This hide and seek won't last that long.

A beggar's life

The existence of a woman, in an extreme condition. How each day, She may be provided for, with no shelter or money to get by. Thousands of lives are spent in this manner.

The frosty chills bit her
Shivering in anticipation
She knocks on the door
Wandering all day long
Has made her fragile and weak
A feeble knock resounds
She hears the creaking sound
Too dizzy to look up
She spreads out her hands
A rupee is placed on her palm
She bows in gratitude
Should suffice for a loaf of bread she thinks
To Carry on her feeble existence
Another day shall pass

United we are

Just a few lines for peace :) 
Why are countries separated? Why do we live in world where there are so many fights, wars? what are we fighting for? Aren't we all human beings at the end of the day? We're all the same.

In vain did the hearts go
Of the brave in battles
That had no meaning
That had no cause.

Why should boundaries separate
When two hearts are one
You and me are united
One person in thought


Sometimes you want to tell so many things, but words aren't enough.

I cant help the way I feel.
So broken from inside..
Little pieces like shattered glass,
Hurting me from within..

The pain is numb now..
I'm tired of feeling the same..
Tired of being ignored.
Can you not see?

You're engulfed in your own.
Never had a moment to spare.
Could I never hear from you,
Two words of care?

I crave for your words
I yearn for your touch
Whispers of love..
Do I ask for too much?

Its been a while since I've seen you
Since I breathed in your scent.
Come fill this void,
Come make amends..

Image courtesy: me :)

Sunday, 13 October 2013


One can often see a group of people huddled over some corner of the street, engrossed in making some little way of earning a few extra cash. It's either playing cards or betting on something or the other, the most frequent being for the game we all love- cricket.

A deserted look,
The street wore that day.
A few shouts heard
Along so.
A group of five
Sits by the Bridge,
Not one has seen
Or has
Anything to lose.
The gain such a gamble,
For each.
Each minute closer
To know,
An outcome which could have,
Changed his days.
The anticipation thick,
They huddle closer.
A voice booms,
Shaky from the speaker.
Victory! He screams!
India scores again,
He throws back the money,
In defeat.
One had to win,
Or lose.

Friday, 11 October 2013


My room is a mess, always. No matter which day of the year you would visit me, chances are you won't get any space to sit. Books, clothes, bags, papers, you name it! Eventually you learn to live with that mess, and you become comfortable in that. How many times do we do the same with our lives?

In that mediocrity,
Did she find her answers.
When the time came so.

When the room was upturned
Books astray on the bed
Not a single piece of cloth
In its place.

The turmoil, the angst,
The frustrated cry,
Of things and people alike.

Papers flung around.
The stereo on the ground.
Her room, much like her heart,
Was a mess.

She began to keep things back,
In the place they belonged.
It wasn't that difficult.
She would see.

But till then the pieces,
Had grown on her so.
She sat back with a sigh,
Of relief.

Image courtesy: My messy room :)


It was a perfectly exciting day, full of festive cheer, yummy sweets, good food, gifts and lots of money in the form of Eidi. The day after the holy month of Ramzan, when most city youngsters are planning to go out and have a gala time.

And so the devil
Set free that day,
Provoked me so,
That festivities seemed lost.
Lost in the rejoice that
Satan welcomed in with a bow.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

For that one friend!

Dedicated to my partner in crime.

I have a little friend
She's as little as me
She's always worried so much
As worried as she can be

Patience seems to evade her
How restless is she
Panic does she at little things
Her manner so fidgety!

And walks she does in a manner
That's quite unique to see
No fault do I find in that
Together silly can we be!

A little bob of mane.
Surrounds her head so
She's quite perfect in her own right
Why does she worry though?

And when at work she's dedicated
Giving her best to all
She's going to achieve greatness
Why worry about the fall?

So my dear missy
Hold your head high
Don't let worries weigh you
You've the world to fly!

My crazy friend :P

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Let me go

A dilemma between staying or leaving. In either way, there is destruction

Love me, hold me, hurt me, stone me.
Breathe in that fire,
That shall burn me as you exhale.
Yet hold me close,
Don't let go.

For its only been a while,
Let me grasp your warmth.
As the sun sets in that water.
Let me drown,
Let me go.

Image courtesy: Bandra sea face

Monday, 7 October 2013

In a while

Trying to be strong
Stronger than before
The storm within mightier
It might take a while..

A swell in the chest
An unexplainable pain
It has risen within
It had been a while

It was etched on the inside,
Buried by time.
Rusty it might be,
It's gonna surface in a while.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Searching for her

The promise of two lovers, desperately seeking each other.

He'd spent months looking for her,
She should have left a sign.
A visit or a call perhaps? 

She lived closeby she'd said.
Perhaps she'd forgotten him,
All she had to remember him by,
Being a single white chit.

Surely it wouldn't matter.
He visited the place they'd met,
Countless number of times,
Hoping to get a glimpse of her
Once again.

Exhausted he'd returned home.
His letterbox was brimming.

Image Courtesy: Some old letters..

Niksy wiksy!

This one is dedicated to my friend Niks! An adorable tale of childhood love, which found it's way out through this poem. I'm glad you shared your story with me Niks.

Niksy wiksy,
As a boy of ten.
Played cricket in his gully,
With his friend Ben.

And when the ball flew,
Into his neighbours yard.
Niksy wiksy did hide,
With his defences on guard!

He sneaked on the terrace,
To peek a glance at her.
A little girl of ten,
Carrying a pink teddy of fur.

And as he grew older,
So did the little girl.
Yet Niksy wiksy didn't forget,
His childhood sweetheart.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Fisherman's arrival

The waves crash in on the shore
and go back to meet out the sea
patches of blue and brown waters
fills the horizon with peace

A little boat goes by
Its massive sail alive in the wind
the fishermen arrive with conches
Whistling the sounds of the ocean

The waters almost a shade of fire now
waves like bright dancing flames
the beach looks vibrant with life
and songs of the old merry folk

A little girl awaits on the shore
A sweet reunion between father and child
A moment so picturesque,yet hard to define
Tis indeed a day of bliss!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Language of the eyes

Sometimes all it takes is a single glance, to know what the other person feels.

Those eyes they speak
Another tale
Of what tomorrow became,
When the present changed so. 

And through such gestures,
Did it be clear.
What was to come,
That what had never been thought before.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

On selfishness

Ugly Is the face of selfishness,
The power it holds over the mind,
For it leaves no man alone,
The vision of all reason does it blind.

Incapable it makes a person,
That desires such greed,
Of putting others before himself.
He only thinks of his needs.

And when such needs are fulfilled,
Does happiness such a man derive? 
For there may not be true contentment,
In making another deprive.

Selfishly Yours

Dedicated to a certain someone who is too busy to read this.

You know I love you darling
You've really got to know
I've been just a bit busy
To think about you so

You mustn't give up on me
I'll come around soon
After I've settled my life
In the coming month of June.

I don't get time to think of you
Although I must say,
My friends out here are amazing
I've been having fun all day!

But don't you fret or frown
You're in my heart below
There's just too many things along
My Heart needs space some more

So you may think my silence
Is a sign to let you go
I'm Selfishly yours darling
It's how my system flows.

Image courtesy: me:)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Here we part

The single most difficult word: Goodbye.

And the mountains stood still

While the rivers went by 
The valleys echoed
Songs of that thundering sky

And a louder sound could be heard 

It was the beating of two hearts 
Overpowering the thunderous echoes 
In the morrow were they to part

And they heard not the valleys

Or the rivers or the sky. 
They hung onto one another,
Until it was time to say goodbye.

Image courtesy: Google

Remorse and suffering

This feeling of remorse
Will it Never go
It eats me from inside
It troubles me
It Gives me sleepless nights
Its a constant reminder
What I've done to you
With this feeling of hate,
Don't look at me
I've suffered enough.


I've suffered enough
Don't look at me
With this feeling of hate
What I've done to you
Its a constant reminder
It gives me sleepless nights
It troubles me
It eats me from inside
Will it never go?
This feeling of remorse.

Monday, 23 September 2013

On Reading..

Often we connect with the words that another author has penned down. Its because somewhere deep down we feel the same.
That's why we love them so much and relate to them. They become more than just words and  turn into our feelings. Somehow, on reading, we connect :)


When I read such a verse, 
That touches my heart,
And strikes a chord within.

For my poetry resounds
In their words,
Just like my words would have felt.

I wonder at times,
If they felt lost.
If they too were lonely and alone.

Like my state is now,
Of bleeding words,
From wounds that lie below.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Sleep deprived..

Let the nightmares stop..
Go away I say..
I'm afraid..
Afraid to let slumber take over.

Memories flood me..

Visions fill my eyes..
And I wake up screaming once again...