Thursday, 26 September 2013

Here we part

The single most difficult word: Goodbye.

And the mountains stood still

While the rivers went by 
The valleys echoed
Songs of that thundering sky

And a louder sound could be heard 

It was the beating of two hearts 
Overpowering the thunderous echoes 
In the morrow were they to part

And they heard not the valleys

Or the rivers or the sky. 
They hung onto one another,
Until it was time to say goodbye.

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Remorse and suffering

This feeling of remorse
Will it Never go
It eats me from inside
It troubles me
It Gives me sleepless nights
Its a constant reminder
What I've done to you
With this feeling of hate,
Don't look at me
I've suffered enough.


I've suffered enough
Don't look at me
With this feeling of hate
What I've done to you
Its a constant reminder
It gives me sleepless nights
It troubles me
It eats me from inside
Will it never go?
This feeling of remorse.

Monday, 23 September 2013

On Reading..

Often we connect with the words that another author has penned down. Its because somewhere deep down we feel the same.
That's why we love them so much and relate to them. They become more than just words and  turn into our feelings. Somehow, on reading, we connect :)


When I read such a verse, 
That touches my heart,
And strikes a chord within.

For my poetry resounds
In their words,
Just like my words would have felt.

I wonder at times,
If they felt lost.
If they too were lonely and alone.

Like my state is now,
Of bleeding words,
From wounds that lie below.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Sleep deprived..

Let the nightmares stop..
Go away I say..
I'm afraid..
Afraid to let slumber take over.

Memories flood me..

Visions fill my eyes..
And I wake up screaming once again...