Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sparkles and the sky

The sky it does glow.
A fiery shade of red
Under the November sky.

A crown adorns it
The sparkling of the stars
A glow it did radiate.
As my heart tore apart.

Unknown to such plight
The sky shines on.
I add a few drops to its might.

A tear sparkles along.
It was the shiniest of them all.


Saturday, 23 November 2013

The reasons

I write, to bring you closer.

It's when I write that I feel that you're in my presence.

In writing can I express freely, that what I've been afraid to tell.

In writing could I show you the extent.

In writing could I dream, of what may be.

Why is it that you disagree? Will I ever know what goes on in your heart? Would I ever hear you say that what I've been parched for?

You return my gaze after much hesitation.. Your eyes hold mine, as if they wanted to tell all.. I look away, too shy to hold contact.

Reality sets in all too soon..

I write to imagine all that may not happen between us, and the pain that follows thence in knowing reality, once again.

Of what couldn't be.

Of the turmoil my heart faces each day in not knowing what you feel.

I write to be free.

Friday, 15 November 2013

You become death.

You're travelling very far,
When shall I meet you again.

A chance for goodbye,
You didn't give.

You'd wave back in warmth,
Every time you left.

What happened then?
What happened now?

So sudden your departure,
So hasty your leave.

Did you not think of me.
When last did you breathe.

As I shall remember you,
The kindest man I've met.

Death becomes you.
You become death.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

After you're gone..

Guilty of being there
Do you feel it too? 
The thought runs in my veins
Do you seek it too? 

Does the guilt affect you
Like it does to me
Does it make you any sorry
Like it seems for me?

Unanswered questions
You've left behind
Unresolved differences
You've let loose

Silent your footsteps,
I heard them go.
Goodbye, you'd said
I heard no more.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Somewhere, Someplace.

Let's get lost somewhere,
In between the pages.
Of love, fantasy and hope.
A distant dream someplace.

Lets cuddle up somewhere,
In the embers of the sky.
Of stars, clouds and the moon.
A bubbling warmth someplace.

Lets fulfill those dreams somewhere,
In the shadows of the night.
Of You and me.
A wandering reality someplace.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

On that summer day

What Comes back to me,
You might not want to know.
Your memory so faint remains
Nostalgia takes over so.

Its when the whisper of the wind
Catches me in a daze.
The air a reminder,
Of all things you.

The sweet scent of the lily,
Kisses my breath.
The one you wore that day
Under the sunkissed roof.

The flowers in your hair,
The string across your back.
A dainty picture it paints.
In the canvas of my mind.

Your touch that of satin
The sheer skin aglow
Your thoughts captivating
My fingers remember you so.

A shadow of thought surrounds
The storm in my mind ,
Your thought,your scent somewhere.
A feeling so divine.