Friday, 24 January 2014


Passion dripping from her lips.
His turn into fire.
Engulf her.
She burnt in his flame.

* * *

Undress me
In all of my desire

You leave me
Only to return again

Its not the way it was
Its not the way it shall be

Was it love
Was it lust?

A storm that never was.
My skin remains untouched.

* * *

24. 01. 2014

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Seasons entwined

Oh what delight it must be.
The haze seemed to give away
Showers of water.
That what you longed for.
Unexpected seasons entwine.

The rain was your favorite.
The winter was mine.
Never did you think,
They'd come together.
Perhaps today was a miracle.


21 January 2014.
Rain in winter.

Random bits

Conflicting souls,
Entwine some more.
Lost they get someplace.

Untangle them now,
Or forever watch them,
Grow onto one another.

The bond too hard to separate.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Mother's cakes

"Don't go around frowning", she said.
I wondered at times how they turned out so.
So perfect and moist.
Filled with tender love.
Oozing out in each bite.
My mother's cupcakes.
"Bake me something delicious.
Whip out the anger.
Create something beautiful," she'd say.
Today she lies in peace.
Watching from a place up above.
Remembrance hits me, as I whip the batter.
That's where the fluffiness comes in her cakes.
Now I know.

Image: Me ;)