Friday, 30 May 2014

The lone star

A lone star twinkles,
Vanishing from my sight.
Blinking to a beat,
One can't hear.

I ask it to stop
The blinking and twinkling
It says to me,
I shan't today. 

It matches my heart,
The rhythm of the star,
It looks down on my windowsill.

Where I sit with wonder,
Looking up at the sky
My heart doesn't seem to still.

I stare at the star,
And it stares at me back
A game we play all night.

For morning shall come,
The dark blanket disperse, 
And I shall stare solemnly at the sky.


2 am thoughts, a star caught my fancy. Need I say more?  :)


Tuesday, 27 May 2014


An air of nostalgia saunters in with a chill
and I stand rooted there.
As a wave passes inside me.
I give in to memories..

Ps. Old Recycled poetry time, exam time ie!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Secrets and Silence

I am silent today
Holding in all the things together.

If I were to tell you, 
Would it scatter apart?

For it's so much easier, 
When there isn't a secret keeper.

Yet, I find myself bubbling,
A world stays in me. 

Unknown to the rest, 
In the folds of my being.

A volcano of thoughts, 
Building up slowly, but surely.

Shall it erupt? Shall it flow? 
Traveling towards the vast blue sky.

At times I'm afraid it shall burst,
Spilling those words I dare say not. 

Yet I am silent today.
Perhaps my words shall find their way. 


Pondering late last night, brought out quite some many questions, I absolutely had to jot it down. 

How do you deal with secrets?


Image: Google search :)

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Somethings Magical

There's just something about magic. It leaves the childlike mind stumped, a teenager amused, an elder surprised,  trying to find logic behind it.  But that's the thing about magic you see, it may not make sense always. My take on some things magical for WOW by BlogAdda.

Image: Google

The wind chimes sing
With the passing breeze
A child looks In wonder
Magic, it seems.


She sprinkles glitter over her bed
Magic dust it is, Ma had said.
Wishes and prayers do fairies hear.
Bring back my Ma, she prays in bed.


The rabbit was found
Under the magicians hat
Perhaps Alice 
Fell down the wrong hole.


She was my magic
I, her slave.
A whiz with her wand,
I vanished away.


Fairies and gnomes
Pixies and combs

Petals and light
Flowers pure white

Beckons A mystical world
Dreams and magic unfurled


The very first look,
A mother is born
What greater magic?


Touched my heart
Without touching me at all
It's magic, I'm sure.


There was something about her
I can't put my finger to it. 
The way she would figure out,
What I wanted to say.

Her ways, her walk,
Had me enchanted.
Hooked all the more

When she spoke
I felt daisies erupt around me
In silence did her fragrance
Lure me so.

There never was darkness with her
Sunshine or moonlight
Kissed my face 
With her presence.

Oh when she touched me,
It was exquisite silk.
Comfort, passion, warmth
All at once.

For years she stood with me
A silent companion.
My everlasting strength
A personal prayer.

An enchantress, a witch
A beautiful mystery.
It was magic!
She was my magic.


Thank you Team BlogAdda! :)

Friday, 23 May 2014

Five sentence fiction: Anchor

"Nasir, what's that floating along the shore?" Myra shouted, her voice carrying along the barren beach.

Collecting garbage off the coast and selling it off to help their amma had become like a routine for them.

A huge crash of the waves brought the object of their fancy closer to the shore.

They ran towards it,  excitement in their veins, giggling like kids on a treasure hunt not knowing it indeed was a treasure of sorts.

In the evening news, it was known, two children discovered an old smuggled anchor made of gold on the beachfront.


Mum and I always had each other's backs.

While she was the anchor that held our little family together, Pa was the one who drifted away.

I never looked back and thought about why he left, the way he did.

Maybe he was free spirited.

Maybe he couldn't be bound by chains.


He lies at the bottom of the ocean now, her beloved.

As an anchor would plunge in the sea, did he sink, never to return. 

Too painful a memory.

What a lucky escape,  people said to her.

How could the gurgling and choking noises in her sleep she evade?


I never can seem to decide what I want to post for Five sentence fiction prompt.

Which attempt do you like best?

Thursday, 22 May 2014


Secret keeper
Grim reaper
He shall suffer the wrath.

That who knows
The whole truth
He shall suffer the wrath.

Trust betrayed
A life failed
What use friend or foe?

Gloomy days
Shaded ways
What use friend or foe?

Understood not
Intentions cruel
The story of their life.

Kinder hearts
Beat so fast
The story of their life.

Crystals fall
Unto the eyes
Shall he know at last.

Beckoned fate
Hope awaits
He shall know at last!


Ps. Stormy mood, shall pass.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Innocence: Five sentence Fiction

The baby's laughter filled the air, sounds of innocence.

Unkown to her surrounding, dumped she was outside a garbage truck.

The sweeper had had a terrible morning, another fight with her in laws over her infertility.

Finding the little girl in the garbage bin had been shocking to say the least.

She bundled up the baby in her arms, maybe it was God's gift to her childless marriage.

This post has been written for Five sentence fiction prompt innocence

Thursday, 24 April 2014


Five sentence fiction Prompt: Vacation

 "I need a break from this life of monotony", she grumbled to herself.

A dutiful housewife, her life revolved around that of her husband's schedules of hectic travelling while she hopelessly waited for him.

"We shall go next month" he said carelessly, while packing his bag for a meeting abroad.

But they never did go anywhere, for his work kept him busy over the next two years.

Packing her bags silently, she crept out of the house, tickets in hand, a smile on her face.


Golden waves

Yesterday I sat at the seafront for hours with a friend. It was oh so refreshing and thought provoking.  So I immediately snapped a photograph of it. Later my dear blogger friend Namrata gave me an idea to write something based on the photograph. As I put to paper my thoughts,  here's what I came up with.


Rocks of solid glittering gold
Immerse in the waves
A froth of white surrounds.
Waves engulf another, yet can't hide,
The beauty of the sinking sun.


I stand below the sinking sun,
The waves they beckon me.
What is it that troubles you? They ask
What is it you seek?


Oh how a cloudless day it was, 
As you and me stood upon the shore.
The waves they seemed to reflect my mood.
White crashing joyously against the gold,
A prelude of the days to come,
When in marriage we would unite, 
Me, a blushing bride in white,
You, stood with a ring of gold.

Which one did you like best? Please do let me know :)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The song of the wind

The wind whistles softly,
Over the cold sturdy rock.

The names carved in stone,
Witness of their existence.

Words assign them equal.
In graves they lie in peace.

The only companion, being 
A lone chirp of the sparrow.

Withered flowers remember, 
Aromas that honored the fallen ones.

Forgotten sighs lie,
On eternal beds of stone.

An old lament can be heard,
The lullaby the wind sings.