Saturday, 23 November 2013

The reasons

I write, to bring you closer.

It's when I write that I feel that you're in my presence.

In writing can I express freely, that what I've been afraid to tell.

In writing could I show you the extent.

In writing could I dream, of what may be.

Why is it that you disagree? Will I ever know what goes on in your heart? Would I ever hear you say that what I've been parched for?

You return my gaze after much hesitation.. Your eyes hold mine, as if they wanted to tell all.. I look away, too shy to hold contact.

Reality sets in all too soon..

I write to imagine all that may not happen between us, and the pain that follows thence in knowing reality, once again.

Of what couldn't be.

Of the turmoil my heart faces each day in not knowing what you feel.

I write to be free.


  1. I write to be free... I don't know how I could ever express myself so deeply and freely if it was not for writing... Your post has expressed it so beautifully... Way to go :)


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