Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Seasons entwined

Oh what delight it must be.
The haze seemed to give away
Showers of water.
That what you longed for.
Unexpected seasons entwine.

The rain was your favorite.
The winter was mine.
Never did you think,
They'd come together.
Perhaps today was a miracle.


21 January 2014.
Rain in winter.


  1. this is such a short & sweet one!
    though it brought me memories of riding pillion on a ex's bike! :|
    but still cute! :)

  2. forgot to check the notify me.. so this!

    1. omg weird comments, i sent a reply :((

      Anyway i hope they werent bad ones, memories ie
      this one was out of memories too. but if something cute comes out of them, i think they're worth it :D

  3. i think i have gotten some of the cutest memories with exes that most women long to feel at least once in their lives..
    so, the memory wasn't bad.. the break up was! :P

    1. aww sounds cute :P breakups on the other hand are NEVER cute hahah
      omg should write something about cute breakups*ideas running in ze head*

    2. cute breakups??? :O
      okay.. that one is not going to be dedicated to me...
      that one is going to be written for me in the 1st place!!!

      the honor is all mine... :P

    3. haha yeah true that, i can give a whole lotta dedication love there :D for being the idea generator of course! :P

      should i be taking notes on all the cute things? *wink*

    4. oh.. i have full faith on your imagination/experience. :D


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