Friday, 25 October 2013

Balloon strings

The balloon strings drift apart,lifting up the one holding on,and transporting each piece of their brokenness in different directions.
To tell the truth, the image of the man holding on to the balloons, caught my attention. The way he seems to be drifting out of nowhere. Thus the inspiration for this little bit of writing.

You pull together the strings of my heart.
Don't let them go sweet one.
For it may break into many pieces
Like a cluster of balloons
Released in the air all at once
And they drift apart.
Each piece in a different direction.
Impossible to mend once it bursts.

You've let my heart go,
Up away some where high,
It shall float in the air,
With the clouds shall it fly.
For it's dispersed all over now
Every little bit wandering afar

Image courtesy Google


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