Thursday, 10 October 2013

For that one friend!

Dedicated to my partner in crime.

I have a little friend
She's as little as me
She's always worried so much
As worried as she can be

Patience seems to evade her
How restless is she
Panic does she at little things
Her manner so fidgety!

And walks she does in a manner
That's quite unique to see
No fault do I find in that
Together silly can we be!

A little bob of mane.
Surrounds her head so
She's quite perfect in her own right
Why does she worry though?

And when at work she's dedicated
Giving her best to all
She's going to achieve greatness
Why worry about the fall?

So my dear missy
Hold your head high
Don't let worries weigh you
You've the world to fly!

My crazy friend :P

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