Sunday, 13 October 2013


One can often see a group of people huddled over some corner of the street, engrossed in making some little way of earning a few extra cash. It's either playing cards or betting on something or the other, the most frequent being for the game we all love- cricket.

A deserted look,
The street wore that day.
A few shouts heard
Along so.
A group of five
Sits by the Bridge,
Not one has seen
Or has
Anything to lose.
The gain such a gamble,
For each.
Each minute closer
To know,
An outcome which could have,
Changed his days.
The anticipation thick,
They huddle closer.
A voice booms,
Shaky from the speaker.
Victory! He screams!
India scores again,
He throws back the money,
In defeat.
One had to win,
Or lose.

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