Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Balms of the night

I found today,
What It felt like, to have lost again.
I never thought I could feel so.

The wait unbearable.
The silence that follows after.
A mere smile would suffice.

Could I possibly,
Have stopped myself from thought.
For its 2 am and I'm lost.

Lost in a certain darkness.
I stare into nothing of importance.
I stare into space.

My mind refuses.
Tiredness doesn't settle in just yet.
My body, a witness to the day.

Thudding can be heard,
Was it my heart? Was it my soul?
It's calling out to someone.

Can you hear me?
It says. Can you hold me?
The plead goes unheard, lost again.

Darkness envelopes me.
All sounds seem so faint.
Thoughts invade me thereafter.

Refusing to settle.
Like a dust storm it scatters.
Bits of stones everywhere.

Anyone at all?
I'm not okay, it says.
Can you calm down my mind?

It's calling out.
Calling out this night.
Yet darkness engulfs my body again.

It Captures me,
Numbs me,
Finally sleep Soothes me.


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