Monday, 10 February 2014


Where is my home,
I wonder far too many times.
Seeking that shade someplace.

A place where I could go,
When my inner demons refuse to settle. A place where I could be, without questions, without reasons, without doubt.

A place where all at once the world seemed to be at peace. A calm that was not a calm before the storm, but a calm that chilled me to the very last bone of my being.

A place where I could paint a rainbow in my mind, without ever wondering where it led up to. A place where I felt happy, that would suffice my heart, and all of its wantings.

For far too many times have I wondered,  was it home when you hugged me? When I knew you were nearby?

Had I not be cautioned to make homes out of people? The worst kind of shelter, the best kind of relief?

I'm abandoned once again today. My home that was, a special place, in your heart. A home built on love. Our love.

Should I wonder where home could be? I feel shelterless and bare, For now my home has moved away.

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