Thursday, 20 February 2014

My first day on Indiblogger

"You should write a blog."

"Why don't you blog?"

"You're using your writing skills wrong."

"Dude, just publish online!"


Just some of the sentences my friends have used over the years that finally made me make a blog.
Well the seeds were sown and I did follow their advice.

Okay so I made it, what next?

I'm a rather private person. Seeing that I share very few things with people around me. Well okay when I do talk I can go on for hours about books or music or other things that have caught my fancy. But I don't really let out my inner person too often. Well I do, but only if you're lucky.

The idea of sharing what I felt seemed rather weird to me. I didn't even believe in my writing back then I think. So I made a blog and posted stuff anonymously. In the beginning I'd post old peotry that I had accumulated over the years. Gradually a few new ones too. I didn't want people reading just yet.
It was like I was waiting for a miracle to happen. Now that I think of it I was being quite silly.

As I was pointed out once, what's the point of a blog when people aren't reading it? So one fine day the following conversation took place with my best friend.

"You know how you're always pestering me about my writing?
Well I started a blog." I said meekly.

"Omg! No way." She shrieked. "Send me the link."

Flash forward a month later. I ask my friend, "so, did you read my blog?"

"I'm sorry I didn't, I'll read it right away," she apologised

There went my heart. It dropped down low.

Well that was the fact. I've tried that on a couple of other friends over the past few months. Getting the same response,  or something along the same line. I thought to myself,  well that's alright,  I never did indeed write for anybody but my own self.
I wasn't ready to let people read my poetry just yet.

Just forward a few more months later. All of a sudden this urge rose in me, to share.

Now I can't exactly point out to a particular moment but it was like a tubelight went off in my mind. Okay so what, I'm just a little slow like that. But that was my moment when I knew that I want people reading my poetry. Perhaps connect with it. Share it with people they love. Even if it touched someone's heart somewhere I'd be happy.

A few months ago, I remembered reading a blog which had a star sorta badge. I don't know why that fascinated me but it did and kinda got stuck in memory. So here I was hunting for that blog late one night.
(It was 3 am I think)

Few minutes later there I'd found it! Indiblogger it was. I quickly googled it. (Well thats how we get answers,  don't we all?) Signed up for it.  Made an account, submitted my blog. Done and signed off.

The very next morning I got an email that my blog had been accepted even though I anticipated it to be at least three to four working days. Hats off to the team for being so speedy! I would say I did jump with joy when that happened but I'm trying to sound like a sane person here( hush hush).

The very first day, and within an hour or so I got my very first comment. Sikes! Someone who appreciated my poetry. I think I just died and went to heaven. Hehe. The wonderful gooey feeling made me want to turn into mush. What could I say? I think I was finally opening up!

I just wanted to thank Indiblogger for this amazing feeling. Hence the inspiration for this article. For everyone else, well I hope your journey has been better than mine.

Happy blogging! :)

Note: After writing this article,  I've been staring at it since an hour, contemplating if I should publish it. Oh what the heck!


  1. I can relate to this so well. The thing about me is that when I first started blogging, I used to expect attention and once I got it, that became my motivation. Soon I realized that if motivation to blog comes from external appreciation or attention, when you lose it, you lie broken. Since then I started writing for the love of it and have never cared about my visitor metrics.
    It is definitely better this way.

    1. Yes it is indeed. Writing for the sheer love of it is the best. I hope only that remains to be my inspiration further :)

  2. Welcome to the world of Indiblogger, I am sure you will love the love which you will get from bloggers over here. It is a community which actually inspire others to do quality blogging and I am quite sure, you won't feel bad that no one read your blog. Frankly I read your blog last night only, but that time I was surfing through my mobile and did not get a chance to comment on this.

    Today morning the first thing which I did is searched for your blog post and reached here once again and now posting comment so that you can understand that people from IB loves reading blogs :)

    Welcome to a new world of blogger friends....

    1. Thank you for that grand welcome :) I do feel very welcome! I shall continue to write hehe even if I don't get the readers. As I said, its for my love of writing that drew me in. I hope that remains through and through.

  3. I remember both the disappointment as well as the excitement of the first couple of months of blogging. But it all settles down and you gradually discover what a brilliant resource internet can be. I hope you can find some life minded people here who not only appreciate your work but introduce you to some other gems online. All the best. :)

    1. Well I hope I do too. So long I haven't been disappointed :)
      Thanks and keep visiting!:)


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