Friday, 11 April 2014


I feel so lost tonight, 
As a lost soul for shelter does seek.
A hungry reminder of your thoughts. 
Invades my sleep, invades my dream.

Didn't you see the extent to which I had drowned myself?
To the way I had confided in all?
You stomped away when you pleased.
Not once glancing back to see.

For that's what happens when you make home of people,
And share In your deepest secrets.
They turn about and leave.
Not once sparing another thought.

I waited for many a days to come.
A sign of your return, perhaps you would someday remember? 
I couldn't blame you for all that,
For I know you far too well.

Far away have you gone already,
I haven't heard from you in a long time. 
Oh why do you trouble me while I sleep?
When shall I get that peace?

As I lie awake another night, 
On the windowsill do I sit.
Looking out at the darkness outside.
My heart with heartache does grip.

I cant believe the way I've become, 
The way that I do weep.
It can't be all for you my mind says.
But my heart does know the truth.

I can't stand the thought of another night, 
To be spent in a manner like this. 
Yet I know, the answer to my thoughts, 
A couple more nights do I have more like these.


  1. For some reason this one reminded me of "Shakuntala" :)

  2. Sad one. Hope the wait ends with the arrival of the loved one :)

  3. The loved one better arrive soon. Hope is a good thing! :)

  4. Oh I so hope the wait was not in vain.
    The sadness and longing is almost tangible.
    Such an incredibly moving poem...I really love it. :)

    1. Thank you! But it was in vain indeed. :(

  5. sad .. but hope making it breakeven .. thoughts meeting in a shadow .. very nice poem :)

  6. Its funny how we realize that may be they will never be back, and yet hold on to it...I guess that the essence of love...and afterall the world is indeed set on the pillars of hopes... nice write up.. loved it..:D

    1. Indeed we do hang on to the last bits Thanks! :)

  7. This one really touched my heart !

  8. A very touching poem, emotional and powerful.

  9. The yearning in those lines...the hope..the pain.

  10. Hope is vain...coz only a couple more nights u will have like these...

    1. How well do you read between the line :)

  11. Poignant and deep ... does strike a chord.

  12. This reminded me of my past...
    I can literally relate to it... :(


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