Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Silences Resounding

Words are the only weapon I have.
Silence is the only shield you've got.

Not once did you stop me.
From accusations I threw at you.
Could it be that it was true?
Or was it your mere resignation?
It remains to be a mystery.
That I shall know not.
Your absence has made it clear.

Your words slice through my heart
I remain silent..scared.

My speech would've betrayed me.
Told you my heart's true desires.
The truth shall remain a mystery to you
You deserve a content life.
Not one of mourning and sorrows
Only a few breaths shall I take
Silent I will be for eternity.


  1. This is so bewitchingly sad and yet so powerful in implication! I like the fact that you have left the identity a mystery. It can apply to so many things :)

    A to Z Challenge, 2014/ UBC, April 2014

  2. Ah! The two sides of the same coin. If only they could see each other and understand!

  3. though we are sad, what we wont do for the person we love!! brilliant post :)

  4. There is a lingering melancholy in this.. :(

  5. this poem sounded much like a death wish to me :( .. i don't know if it's me thinking that way or you wrote it like that .. brilliant stuff though .. :)

    1. I don't really know myself. I didnt really think about it as I wrote this one. Thanks Ankur!

  6. "Only a few breaths shall I take
    Silent I will be for eternity" - these lines will resonate against my mind for the next few hours now.brilliant.

  7. This actually happens when you're in a serious relationship. I really appreciate your skill to express reality in your poems.

    and hey, I have nominated your blog for the Sunshine Blog Award. http://namratakumari.blogspot.in/2014/04/my-sunshine-blog-award.html
    I hope you would accept the award. :)

    1. I hope to god that not everyone thinks in this manner. Thanks :)

      Anddd *hugsss* thank you so much! You made my day shinier :D


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