Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The rope outside my window

Every morning as I wake up,  the first thing I do usually is look out of the window. It's become more of a habit for me now. It just feels fresh and lively, my way to enjoy the five minute peace before I kickstart my day. I enjoy watching the pale rays of the sun seeping In through the window. There's usually a few birds chirping, resting on the cable wires that connect the buildings together.

On one such day I noticed a couple of birds playing on a rope. They would swing about getting caught in the rope and within minutes would be free again. The following poem would perhaps explain it in a better manner.

I stand by my window,
Enjoying the beautiful view.
Of the vast blue sky
And the morning dew.

The times are changing,
I could see upto miles away,
Now buildings are creeping up. 
My vision of the horizon destroyed

There's a fifteen storey building,
Coming up right in front of me, 
Bound by bamboos and rope around
Covered in a massive green cloth.

The birds they would glide above it, 
Enjoying the vast blue sky,
Now they hover over it,
Like over a graveyard they fly.

Now there's a certain floor,
The tenth of the building I think, 
Which has a long rope hanging about,
Like a playrope does it swing.

I've seen many a bird stuck in that rope,
They seem to enjoy the hang,
Getting stuck and untangling themselves,
What goes on in their mind?

I wonder if anyone around me,
Notices the bird's little game.
I wonder what shall happen of the birds,
When the building will be complete.

Shall they hover about another building, 
Shall they continue the same?
Shall someone perhaps tie a rope,
For the little bird's game?



  1. This really strikes a chord ... poignant and beautiful :)

  2. in my interpretation I see birds as an analogy of ourselves, sometimes tangled , sometimes soaring free.
    Beautiful verses. Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

    1. Wow thats onr beautiful way to look at it. It was a pleasure reading your posts :)

  3. Ropes can so easily tangle and curtail the freedoms from being just a game, too many high rises everywhere, imho. Thanks so much for your support on my A-Z, Sabeeha. :)

    1. That is so true. Too many buildings creeping up.
      And I get to learn something new about poetry everyday :) what more could I ask for?

  4. poignant . :) . i once wrote similarly on bird along with the pic ( ) but your poetry much better than mine !

    1. Thanks Ankur! They're lovely clicks. Picture stories rather!

  5. Beautifully written, read it twice :)

  6. It's a wonder there are any birds left around us. But it's a good poem about making the best of what you have, seeing a rope as something to skip over and play with instead of letting the stumble and fall deject you. Or, at least, that's how I read it. Love how you've captured the little things. :)

  7. How can you write such beautiful poems about just anything? :)
    So talented! :)


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