Friday, 7 March 2014

Have you ever felt so?

Ten minute scibble, rants of the heart at 4 am.


Waking up in the early morning,
When the sun is yet to rise.
Realising the dream that you saw,
Still Vivid in your mind.
Scrambling to open your phone,
To note it all down.
Or Perhaps a handy book
At your bedside.
Describing your dream,
Yet pass it off as fiction later.

Have you ever felt so?

Reading a book,
Emotions running high
You tend to flow in them.
Then tragedy strikes.
Your mind numbs.
You try to soak it all in.
Push aside every thought.
Ponder over life as it is.
The way it could be.
The way it is.
The way it shall be?

Have you ever felt so?

The end rush
An overly feeling of joy
Wild ecstasy.
Pure vibrancy!
The happiness, the cheer
And all that you want to hear.
In knowing what tomorrow shall bring.
In delight your heart does sing.

Have you ever felt so?



  1. Yes I have, yes I have, yes I have! :D

  2. Yes, I have felt it so many times :-)

  3. oh hell yes.. felt each one of those... while reading & dreaming (i tend to interpret my dreams)... happiness in music & spending with kids (others - i dont have any of my own)... oh even wehn i help another person.. this kinna nirvana is addictive!

    & possibly even more...

    have you felt a bomb explode in your head...
    that makes your mind buzz...
    when you eat really good food...

    have you felt the pump of adrenaline...
    rush through your body... taking you further,,
    when the physical pain of running made you decide to give up just now!
    or when you pull an all nighter doing nerdy geeky programming!

    OMG.. my comment seems to running into a 10 min scribble at midnight!
    i wrote this sentence & was hit by a numbing resonance in my ear!

    1. Haha the bomb explodes,
      fuzzes my senses
      mind, body and soul!

      adrenaline yes :D
      running no:( marathon chronicles continued?haha
      all nighters doing projects urgh yess!

      haha well im glad this had that effect on you. kinda did for me when i wrote this too, its like a rush to get it all out on paper!

    2. had an effect.. it was like i was reading it like a maniac... with the pauses & the emphasis.. animated faces!

      it was like as if i have felt it so many times that you spilled out a piece of my gut on paper!

    3. woah woah woah and hence the 10 min midnight scribble.maybe its the night that brings out the rant making woman inside us?
      or just the whole peace and me time that just makes you connect?

    4. woman.. peace.. me time..
      i think its the child inside us! ;P

    5. lol dude it is def the child. it just wants to crawl out!
      omg haha theres another poem thats called a child inside:P

      i shall dedicate it to you! :D:D


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