Sunday, 2 March 2014

Just for him

She stared at the knife in her hand.
Tears had begun to form.
Wiping them away with her sleeve,
She squeezed shut her eyes.
They were red, much like her mood.
Contemplating if she should carry on?

But, her husband loved it.
This was his favourite!
She couldn't tolerate it herself though.
She'd do anything for him.
Even if it tortured her!

It was a necessity for him.
The sweet flavour on his lips.
He enjoyed it thoroughly.
Wanting more and more everyday.

She'd gotten many cuts,
All over her fingers now.
Couldn't he consider her feelings?

Raising the knife in her hand,
She brought it down on the board.

Why did he love onions with each meal?


Image: Yours truly :)


  1. :) Enjoyed the lightheartedness of this one. And have I mentioned that I like the name of your blog?

    1. And do please consider removing the word verification for comments, it's really bothersome. Just a suggestion. :)

    2. Hehe well thank you! :)
      I love the name of the blog too /.\

      Ooh I wasn't aware it happens, how do I remove it? I'll look into it.

  2. Very lighthearted poem, this.
    But the plot opens up a wee bit before it should, that's what I thought.

  3. Aah :( well I shall keep trying better :)

    1. I'm not finding fault with the poem, only with the revelation of suspense.

    2. Yepp I realized that. It was pointed out to me by my father too. I meant I shall try to make my next poems not so revealing. Building it up in a better man :)

  4. Very nice! Ended in unexpectedly surprising way!!

  5. Haah.. What an unexpected end !! :):)


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