Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Priceless moments

A mother laments,
For he's always away,
The father of her child,
Her husbands gone all day.

The evening approached quietly,
As the sun set behind the sky,
Her baby was growing restless,
He had begun to cry!

She sang a little song,
To keep him at bay.
It went on in this manner,
Here's what she had to say.

"Oh little baby,
Shall you not go to sleep?
Oh my little baby,
Please do not weep.

The night sky has darkened,
The stars twinkle bright!
A blanket it is,
Of dreams in your eyes.

Oh little baby,
Papa isn't coming now,
Oh sweet baby,
Do I explain to you how?

For papas running late,
He's working hard for you,
It may be hard to imagine,
At the tiny age of two.

It's all for you sweet baby,
For when you grow older,
A life he wants to give you,
With no trouble on your shoulder.

Don't be crying now,
He shall be coming soon,
Please stop whining now,
You're up since noon!

It may seem absurd,
When he stays away from you,
It may seem silly,
The hours left are few.

He's suffering in your absence,
I can see it in his eye.
He loves you so dearly,
Oh why do you sigh?"

The baby thinks to himself,
"Why papa does so?
He's doing it all for me.
Yet far from me does he go.

I need him now to hold me
Make me fall asleep,
On his shoulder, in tender care,
To wipe my tears as I weep."

He had missed his first steps.
As also the first uttered words.
No effort he made to be home early,
It was beginning to get absurd!

Perhaps the money shall be made,
When the baby grows older.
For now he's missing the priceless moments,
Blissful seconds with his toddler.


Painting by Laxman Aelay. Taken from an online article


  1. Oh this was beautiful. Priceless indeed.

  2. Rhythmic, sweet and precise ! liked it !

  3. aww..:) that's really a sweet poem with so many strong emotions put in such a simple way..:) The point of view of the mother and the child are clearly separated from one another and yet the continuity is gripping..:D
    Really Nyc Poem..:)

    1. Thank you for that praise Jemina :)

  4. How true when you say that while he's out making money, he's missing his child's "firsts". True for most families today :(

    1. Yepp, the firsts are very special indeed. A reminder to us all. True for most families today, hence the inspiration. Wake up call needed!

  5. Outstanding Poetry. Pouring out crude emotions. This had been the story of my home years ago. It touched my heart. :)

    1. Aah I hope it isn't the same anymore? :) I'm glad you connected with it on some level :) Thank you for those kind words Namrata!

  6. Priceless words !!! and both as a daughter and a mum of two, I know that feeling,anguish, pain and... hope.

    1. *sigh* I haven't experienced it yet, but I could only imagine how it must be!

  7. wow thats a nice creativity. love it.

  8. Nice meaningful lines... We realize after it is too late...

  9. Very true. This is reality...

  10. I remember well these exact feelings when my son was tiny and my husband was working all hours to build a better future for us.
    Oh how this has taken me back to those days of being alone with so young a child, and just longing for his return...memories so stirring and poignant...thank you so much for reviving them...:)

    1. You're welcome, it must have been a testing time for you..i hope they're good memories? and thank you for your kind words :)

  11. Priceless, just like the title. And yes, the conversations just blend into each other.

    1. :) Thank you! They just seemed to work out as I wrote them. I'm glad it turned out so!

    2. It often happens that words flow out all of a sudden and the poem comes out in one go. That's how i wrote my last one on Retribution...

  12. This is so beautiful ... loved it :-)


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