Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The last kiss

An arranged marriage. Two lovers shall part forever.


So here I am,
Yours tonight .
Keep me in your arms,
And hold me tight.

We shall spend together,
Another night in bliss .
Kissing all night, tonight,
With nothing amiss.

For there's no tomorrow,
There's no turning back.
Let's make the most of it,
Because time do we lack.

Kiss away the sorrow,
Kiss away the pain.
Your memories shall stay forever,
What more could I gain?

A cliche story do we have,
A tale of heartache it is.
Even if I belong to another,
It is you that shall I miss.

And a gaping hole shall be left,
Left within my soul,
With you away from me,
How could I feel whole?

So I'm here tonight With you,
Tomorrow I shall be his.
Forget the pain and sorrow,
Let me drown in your kiss.


image: yours truly :)


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