Friday, 14 March 2014

The child within

My heart was a traveling
Along a rather lonely path,
It saw not grief or sadness.

Nor was it depressed,
Or upset by the world,
It chose this self inflicted madness.

Drowning in words,
Gulping in poetry,
Lost in a world so far.

Living that life,
A world privy to none,
One that was imagination at large.

I stayed in a corner,
Tucked in a book,
My nose was buried inside.

The world seemed moving,
At a pace too fast.
A safe haven was my book to hide.

When characters didn't suffice,
My thirst for books,
I took another way out.

I began to write,
Every essence of my soul,
Those words dissolved all doubt.

As I found myself,
Reflecting on those pages,
Pages from a land within.

I lost myself,
Once again.
To the little child staying within.


  1. These look so perfect expression of feelings, these can't be scribblings. :)

    1. :) Thank you, I just write my heart out in a go :))

  2. okay.. everybody else takes the back seat!! this post has been dedicated to me :P

    1. Yes It is!!!!
      Dedicated to the woman above!! :D:D


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